The Crew 2

My Honest Opinion on The Crew 2.

The Crew 8 - My Honest Opinion on The Crew 2.

I just kinda wanted to share how I feel about The Crew 2, I've been playing it a bit, watching YouTube videos, and reading up on the current news about the game.

My First Opinion: I preordered the gold edition of the Crew 2 and I was so excited to finally play it, as it was advertised very well, I even stayed up all night grinding the first day it launched, messing around and exploring the absolutely massive map. I believe that the story is really just there to be there, games like Forza and Gran Turismo don't really have a story and they don't need one. I loved the wide variety of races and the style of the game when I started, but after I played it and beat each story and all the Live Championships, I didn't really know what to do, so I was really just blowed and uninstalled the game after a while.


Now: After a while of not playing it, I saw a video about it in my YouTube feed and said "Damn, I really want to play the Crew 2 again". So at this point I didn't know anything about the game, such as the Demolition Derby, which is raw as hell and a good feature, and Gator Rush. I wasn't really hyped to race Hovercraft around the map, but suprisingly it was really freaking fun for what it was. And I love how when I returned I just got an whole lot of free vehicles from the season pass, so I am now working on upgrading that stuff. I really like that they are focusing on street racing because it can get bland after grinding for a while but most of the races they drop weekly are pretty entertaining. I love the sound of a roaring turbocharged V6 tearing up the curvy mountain roads of California and the open highways of the mid-west. Speaking of V6, I believe the sounds of the cars are fine, its an arcade game so why does it matter if my 5.0 Mustang sounds like one in real life, the cars still sound good regardless of the realism. The arcade physics make the game even more fun, because that means all types of skill-levels can compete and have fun because the handling is simple. I hate the amount of disrespect the game gets because it is still being worked on, the developers are trying to make ot better every month, and the goal of the game is to be the ultimate racing sandbox game, and I'd say it is pretty close to it. Also, I really like the vehicle bundles they release every once and a while, that 20% discount, etc, is convinent for collectors.

With that in mind, I really hope Ivory Tower focuses on adding more content and more races, for example, in the off-road disciple, I love taking my Lancia up to Maine and zooming down bumpy dirt roads like a real rally driver, it would be cool to see open track Rally Cross and Moto Cross races, or even Race ATV/UTVs would be an awesome addition. The customization can be a bit shallow on some cars, but I understand licensing issues, however they could add cool parts like the British Flag decal on the TVR Griffith, that's awesome.

Anyways, thank you for reading this. I'm new to Reddit.

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