The Crew 2

My thoughts and opinions in the crew 2 (worth it in 2020?) part 2

The Crew 2 - My thoughts and opinions in the crew 2 (worth it in 2020?) part 2

So previously we talked about the pros or advantages to the game so let's continue our review at the 2nd section of the game CONS

1st section:pros

2nd section:cons

3rd section:conclusion

4th section: the motorpass


Traffic: This game has one of the worst traffic in racing games in my opinion atleast. You can find some videos where you can resolve this problem. Many of you people are gonna say like "If you keep complaining about traffic then get off in racing games noob"well that's easy for you to say because in this game the so called "npc" takes too long to response in the game that when you re close enough then it will generate right in front of your beautiful face.This is not only problem there is also a situation where sometimes or everytime you are at a far distance traffic will try to replace a vehicle to a new one. Unless you are lucky both of them will disappear.

AI aka rival racers: not only you have to deal pesky traffic you have to deal overpowered AI. I f you don't know what I mean it's basically AI who are rubberbanding throughout the race this is a problem with this game the AI is so aggresive it is not considered as a starter friendly.

Bad lighting:The game has one of the darkest game i've ever seen. What I mean by that it's low brightness it's so dark that the headlight is really useless.

These are the only things I can think But I think there are more so i'm just gonna make an updated for more info

Conclusion:This game has one of the largest world out there even though it has one of the worst AI in games but you can have fun with friends so is it WORTH IT? it really depends on the players skill If you play racing games since it's gold glory days I pretty much recommend it. But if you have lack of skill in racing I recommend try another game.


Motorpass:This is one of the newest update to the game. I pretty much hate this feature and one of the boldest move Ivory has decided to add this game. What is the motorpass? it's basically saying "Hey give me your money and progress challenges so you get the thing what you want" type of system and that's not all they also removing your only sources on making crew credits and crew credits are require to purchase the motorpass.Yeah I pretty much see your pissed right now.

Thank for taking your time in my review. I hope this helps you decide whether to buy this game or make a pass on it

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