The Crew 2

My thoughts on the Performance Parts changes/update

The Crew 6 - My thoughts on the Performance Parts changes/update

They asked for feedback in their article about the changes they’re planning to do for Performance Parts, so I thought I would share this. I’m not sure if they check this sub, but hopefully this make to them.

First of all, I have to say I’m way more excited to read about they changing something related to game mechanics and quality of life than the whole new season update, which BTW I feel it’s too close to what we had on season 1 and won’t probably make me buy more CC to get the premium, but let’s wait and see.

I’m glad that they are listening to the community and I was impressed by them showing the data on how many people had the full set on each discipline. And please keep in mind I’m not talking on my behalf. I already own all bonus sets for all disciplines. But I’m happy it will make life easier for new players.

So to sum it up, I think it’s nice they are addressing the subject and trying to improve quality of life in a certain way. However, they said the point is to help new players into more challenging stuff, like Summits.

Now, I see only one problem with this. Summits are already very competitive as they are. And that’s how they’re supposed to be, nothing wrong. But on some platforms (like PC and PS4) they are getting waaaaaay too competitive. To the point it’s not possible to get Platinum if you are not very skilled and easily get good results on first couple tries for each event or have enough time to play the events over and over until you get better results to stay on Platinum.

Well, I’m not very skilled, but I do manage to stay on Platinum on Summits I want to. And how I do that? By playing each event over and over until I get good results. Now, that’s the main issue for me. I’m not playing this game as much because of this. It’s very boring to replay events over and over. Specially because game performance is terrible on PS4, so most of the time I feel like I’m playing Loading Simulator, waiting for the event to reload for the 9484949393th time.


Meanwhile, in platforms like Xbox or Stadia Summits ate much more enjoyable. I mean, it might be too easy on Stadia, I agree. But it seems on Xbox it has a good balance. Summits should be competitive meaning you would need a maxed vehichle and a bonus set and some skills of course in order to get Platinum.

My point is, it’s been suggested here many times: make Summits tiers based on a percentage of players or a minimum required points. Not a fixed position. Fixed positions are bad, specially when there are a lot of people playing on PC while less than 3,000 people playing on Stadia. It just makes no sense.

And things can get even worst if they make it easier to get a full bonus set. This means even more players being competitive enough to fight to stay below 3,000 even if they are new players. This will increase competition and increase the amount of retries needed to get good results on events. I simply don’t have that much gaming time and I prefer to spend it playing something else than just retrying events and watching loading screens on my PS4.

Also, what about a better way to manage loot? Like an easier way to transfer parts from one vehicle to another or deal with all the green parts you keep getting even after you already have gold sets for all vehicles in that discipline? Maybe something to help scrap parts you don’t want easily?

I’ve put some time and effort writing this, I hope they at least get to read it.

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