The Crew 2

Our voices must be heard! – Community opinion post

The Crew 1 - Our voices must be heard! - Community opinion post

Okay, so I am kind of dissapointed with the update, but not because of the new stuff, i really find them cool and i am really excited to play as soon as possible.

I am disappointed because on the stream the sentence : „We listen to the community..” is so often used. Partly, it is really true – new handling, some improvements, new cars (Mitsubishi – oh yeah) ect.

But when it comes tot he minor, more voiced and reasonable stuff, it is never really happening:

Better night mode – not even mentioned,

Better night headlights – nah,

Licenece plates and achivements – which are requested by everybody – nonexistent

Material selection (White matte fe.) and detailed painting (2 or 3 part wheels for example) for rims – forget it,

Normal streched tires – only with neon bright colors to it,

More colors for the interiors -nope,

Patching the still not properly working badges on the R34 or the 240Z? -no way

Detailed tuning – not even the ride height can be modified.

The R35 with Ivory rims – good joke

There are also great ideas, which are common, but not heard as much as the ones before:

Changeable, customizable headlights without the bumper

More spoilers – like having a set of „Ivory Tower special” items: Avilable for every car in the Street Discipline

Racing Seats, Racing interior option, Changeable exhaust pipes


Increasing the sticker limit or making that sharing platform – For artsy guys like me =)

„Livery” editor for a normal racing suit

And the list goes on and on.

(I’ve heard that you cant even add stickers to the windshields… then whats the point of it??)

Also,I understand that everyone requests a different type of car every time, but i have an idea for that:

Like the month endly community poll, the community should decide what cars would the next major update bring: You are not even required to tell exactly by name, just by lets say, vote by domestic, discipline, era (Between 1970-75 or 1990-1995) it would make a clear image for what the community really wants. Also.. Bring back the Car-DLC packs from the Crew 1 by the end of the season to add more vehicles to the game. It would work out for both worlds. (But dont overprice it)

I really hope the team might add some things on a little sized patch, and on the long run focus on the little, minor things first, because with a good building ground, you could focus on greater things…

Please, share your ideas below!

I hope this message could get fowarded, and our voice could be heard.


A Crew 2 Fan

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