The Crew 2

Patch 1.6.1 May patch notes(Inner Drive)

The Crew 10 - Patch 1.6.1 May patch notes(Inner Drive)

Patch 1.6.1 brings new content and fixes to The Crew® 2 Inner Drive. It will be deployed via a maintenance starting at 4am NYC/EDT time on Wednesday May 27, and your game client will automatically update to the latest version once it is live.

For more information about the brand-new HOBBIES feature, check out our dedicated article. Please follow our official channels to stay up to speed as to any changes.

Detailed patch notes

Estimated patch size: 20 GB



  • New HOBBIES feature now accessible via the dedicated tab in MAIN MENU.


  • Gloves are no longer considered mandatory clothing items.

  • Avatar's leg is shaking in Customize Avatar menu.

  • Newly equipped clothes take more time to disappear than the body of the avatar, while user is in 1st person view in House.


  • Top speed conversion is not applied on vehicles within a Bundle preview.

  • Placeholder images used for Bundles in Shop instead of correct assets.

  • "Owned" tag is not displayed on Season Pass ticket in the Shop.

  • Owned bundles disappear from Shop after rebooting the game.

  • Prices are displayed with numerous 0’s after the comma in the Shop.



  • Motornation is welcoming a new addition to the Touring Car discipline: Touring Bikes..

  • Renault Megane RS back window textures glitching on customize mode.


  • Ford Focus 2010 SR has no Air NOS and Offroad Speed Cap.

  • Air Refill (incl. Ventilated bonus) is no longer active while Air Nitro is in use. This is part of ongoing work by the handling & physics team to better adapt Air Nitro and its specificities to the live game. A dedicated test phase has already been run, and work continues, but we wanted to release the Air Refill tweak ASAP to limit its exploitability.



  • Icons disappear from world map after restarting the game.

  • A checkpoint validation box isn't large enough in The Strip West.

  • Opening and Closing map while in tunnel can cause vehicle to transport to water.



  • Freeze when opening vehicle preview in HQ, after teleport from Catalog.

  • Delay between animations on the hood visual part, when cycling between hoods.

  • Major performance issues present since patch 1.6.0 (Inner Drive).

  • Stutters and 5-15 second freezes encountered during first 5-10 minutes, after booting game.

  • Graphical glitches appear when game resolution is set to 4K.


  • Synchronization error message on PS4 when using Photo Mode.

  • Ubi Club rewards are sometimes unavailable.

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The Crew patch notes history

The Crew patch notes 2014 – 2017

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