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Police Chases LITE

The Crew 3 - Police Chases LITE

Heres a solution that will hopefully satisfy both illegal street racing fans and motor sport fans. THIS ISN'T MEAN TO BE A MASSIVE GAME CHANGER, just something for fun.

Game play: Police Chases LITE are a somewhat smaller version of police chases from the crew 1…kinda.

How to initiate a chase: you have to crash into a roaming police car directly. Trashing public property and nearly hitting people wont activate a chase. Police watches wont be a thing. Once the chase has been initiatedd, a police car will chase you (obviously). The more stuff you crash into DURING a police chase, the higher the heat level goes up. More police cars will eventually spawn, including road blocks with spike strips, and Rhinos (police cars crashing you head on). In order to loose the police, you can do 2 things:

  1. opening the side menu (the one where you can change the music) and selecting "quit chase"

  2. Out running them as fast as you can, or by taking several sharp turns if you're in a city.

Once you've escaped, a few police cars will be roaming around before the police chase actually ends. Once it ends, you will be given either some money or a part. If you get busted, you'll loose money ONLY. (this is meant to be fun, big punishments for being caught shouldn't be necessary).

Police Chase Improvements from the first game: Police should be easier to take down. Police should also be more willing to drive off road if necessary. Police roadblocks should spawn with just police cars blocking the road, while other road blocks use a spike strip. Police cars should sometimes try to crash you head on. These would be massive improvements from the police in the first game

Vehicles that should be used in police chases: Street cars, Drift Carss, Drag Cars, Hyper cars, off road vehicles, rally raid vehicles, bikes of any kind, monster trucks, demolition derby cars, hover crafts, touring cars, Alpha Grand Pix cars.

Vehicles that shouldn't be used in a police chase: Boats, Planes

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If you somehow crash into a police car using a plane or boat, a police chase SHOULD NOT be initiated as there isn't a way for police to chase you in the air or water (yes police boats are a thing but that would mean the devs would have to implement chase AI in the water…and there's a lot of water). you CAN NOT switch into a plane or boat in order to escape the police, and you CAN NOT change your current vehicle you're driving if you startt a chase.


Police Chases SHOULD NOT use special gear such as EMPs, flash bangs, etc. And drivable police cars SHOULD NOT BE A THING. We only want regular free roam police chases.

Details: The Devs could either change the livery of a cop car depending on where it spawns (a Las Vegas Cop car with a LVPD livery , a Florida cop car with a Florida police livery, etc), OR they can give all the level 1 police cars the usual black and white livery for all spawn locations. Cop chatter can also change depending on location. The variety in police vehicles spawned could also be a feature. Or the devs can just have ford crown victorias spawn in every location, how ever, during a police chase, there should be variety in what police cars spawn depending on each heat level.

Story: THIS FEATURE IS NOT MEANT TO CHANGE THE MAIN STORY AT ALL, AND CAN BE IMPLEMENTED QUIETLY WITHOUT ANY OF THE CHARACTERS QUESTIONING WHY A ICON IS IN A POLICE CHASE. However, if you really are worried that cops would "not fit the theme", then heres a suggestion: At some point in the story, police HQs around america notice how well of a driver your character is. In a cut scene, a police chief is asking the main character for some help with their officers practicing their police chases, and if at any time the player wants to get chased, they can find the police roaming the streets. Now whenever a player starts a police chase, it will give them the feeling of being illegal, even though the main character wont get in trouble story wise, keeping to the whole "motor sport celebration" theme.

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Overall, free roam cops could add a lot to the game. I know the devs said that it wouldn't fit the theme, but they can always change their minds. Think about it. People can now take a screenshot of the new Bugatti in a police chase. They have a large selection of new vehicles to try out in a police chase. It can make the free roam more fun. the devs could even add an option to the settings where you can disable free roam cops spawning for those who prefer to not play with cops. this could be a massive improvement to the game, and will bring in a lot more new players who enjoy street racing games with police in them

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