The Crew 2

Quality of Life functions that should be added.

The Crew 3 - Quality of Life functions that should be added.

I would like to have some quality of life improvements when it comes to managing your parts and applying better ways to put icon points into certain perks…

When it comes to managing parts:

1) We should be able to select multiple items and delete them at once.

2) We should be able to setup certain load-outs per Discipline. Example: For street races I have the "Magnet" car parts set because I am farming followers, but then I want to go for leader board times and want to switch everything to the "Nitro" set. Currently you have to un-equip every part and then select the part you want. We should be able to select under the street race vehicle a certain amount of profiles/loadouts based on what we are attempting to work on, whether it be farming followers or going for fast times, double loot, etc… If I select "Nitro" set while I have the "Magnet" set equipped it should unequip every "Magnet" set piece I have equipped and equip "Nitro" or any other profile/loadout and we should be able to name these loadouts. Example: Since Bikes heavily rely on bender and you can technically roll that affix on a car, we should be able to create a profile/loadoutname like "Bike Bender Nitro" or "Biker Bender Skill" so we can easily tell what that loadout is based around.


3)We should be able to lock/favorite items and make them impossible to erase as long as they have a "lock icon". Similar to The Division. You would press "R" and it would favorite the item, which essentially locks it and makes it impossible to erase unless you press "R" again and this would avoid accidental deletion of parts.

4)There should also be a "un-equip all parts" from the car you have selected.

Assigning Icon points

1)When it comes to assigning icon points it should be much easier…

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Example: Make it so that we can just hold lets say on pc the "up arrow" and it will go in increments of 1 point for the next 3 seconds, from 3-8 it goes in increments of 5 points and after 8 seconds it should do it in increments of 15 and so on. That can vary with timings obviously.

2)The distribution of icon points should work both ways (+) and (-) I should be able to add or remove icon points without having to reset the entire page and add hundreds of icon points by clicking on the perk I want to stack the points to 500 times. lets say "up arrow" adds points and "down arrow" removes points from the selected perk. That's in regards to PC.

I believe these are fairly simple ideas that people would enjoy and make it a lot less tedious.

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