The Crew 2

Questions from a new player (FAQ addendum)

The Crew 6 - Questions from a new player (FAQ addendum)

I'm a new player and have been confused about this game numerous times. Though I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions as I keep going, here's a couple I've had so far

The FAQ says what the best vehicles in each discipline are.

  • What makes these the best? (I know they're on top of leaderboards, I want an answer beyond this)
  • Why do these not correspond to the vehicles with the highest performance ratings?
  • If you can use parts to make any car reach the highest performance level, how much does car choice really matter?
  • How can I evaluate how good a vehicle is if the performance rating is basically meaningless?
  • What are the best vehicles for new players (who may not have the parts or money to get a lamborghini supergallardo and make it the best car ever)

The FAQ includes some information about parts and affixes but doesn't seem to include:

  • How do my parts level? Will part ratings keep going up even if I keep my car's performance rating low, for example? Will I get good parts if the car I'm driving is bad?
  • What do the different part rarities mean? Found here>
  • What do spare parts do? Found here>
  • Should I scrap any part that isn't the highest level?

The FAQ includes some information about pro settings but doesn't seem to include:

  • What are the best pro settings to use for each event?
  • How can I use pro settings to make my car be the best possible? (NOT a repeat of the previous question. I want to know the reasoning behind the previous answer.)

The FAQ includes some information about controls but doesn't seem to include:

  • What are some good control schemes, alternative to the default?
  • Why are gear shift for cars and air roll right and left for planes linked? Is there a way to unlink them?
  • Do I need a controller to play this game (in particular, to be successful in PVP)?
  • How much of a disadvantage is it to not have a controller, or to not have a steering wheel? Has anyone been able to set leaderboard records without this equipment?

The FAQ doesn't seem to include anything about liveries

  • How do I get liveries if they aren't latest or in the top 100?
  • How do I make good liveries? (It seems like other people are able to do things that I just can't, like recolor the inside of a motorcycle wheel arch, recolor the bar on a motorcycle's side, and make an anime girl)
  • How do I delete a livery
  • How do I get a car's default livery back?

The FAQ doesn't seem to include anything about crews

  • Why make a crew?
  • What all can you do with a crew? Are all events available or are some not? What else can you do?
  • What do all of the different events look like with a crew? (If your crewmate wins a race but you're 5th what happens? What happens in non-race events in a crew?)
  • Are there advantages to having a crew active and if so what are they?
  • How do I find people to play with

The FAQ doesn't seem to include anything about Icon level

  • What should I spend my icon points on?
  • Can icon points be reallocated later after being spent?
  • Do icon point bonuses affect car stats in PVP?
  • How many followers does it take to level up per icon level? (For instance, how much harder will it be to level from icon 999 to 1000 than it was to level from 9 to 10?)
  • Should I wait to open the icon crates until my cars are at the highest part level?
  • Are there certain cars or disciplines I should avoid using when opening icon crates?

The FAQ doesn't seem to include anything about PVP

  • How do I access PVP races
  • Is PVP ranked? What is matchmaking based on?
  • What is the difference (compare and contrast?) between live battle and live summit?
  • Should I do PVP as a new player? Is PVP necessary to get everything in the game I might want, and if so what is inaccessible without PVP?

Edit: The FAQ doesn't seem to include anything about the game physics

  • What is the best way to approach corners in different events?
  • How does nitrous work? For drifting, will it boost me forwards or increase the car's power?
  • How do vehicle physics work in the air? How much control do I have with different vehicles?
  • Can nitrous be used to speed up in air for all vehicles, or just MX?
  • Can I use nitrous to boost back towards the ground in MX, or will it just boost me forwards?
  • In what all ways does nitrous charge, and how can I improve its charge speed or capacity?

Some more etc. questions:

  • What are video settings cause the biggest performance hits, and what can be turned up safely without hurting performance?
  • Are there certain mechanics/tips I should be aware of as a new player that aren't included in the FAQ (for instance, that nitrous is most effective in the bottom 20-30% and it's therefore best to use nitrous quickly as you get it)
  • What are the best tactics for winning events of each type (in particular aerobatics, monster truck, drift, and drag)?
  • Are there any modifications that can be made to the game without getting banned?
  • Can the game be played as single player or local host
  • Will the game be able to be played single player or local host in the future (like when server support ends)
  • How do I get new outfits
  • How do I change my character?
  • What order should I do things in? Is there a best order?
  • Do I need to do events I haven't done before in order to advance in a discipline? Does doing an old event on a higher difficulty advance it?

I know this is a lot. Being new to this game is incredibly fun but also very confusing. Please answer what you can and tell me if my "candidate answers" are correct. If I think of new questions I may edit this post or make new posts if I can't find answers. If I find or am given good answers to these questions I'll try and edit the post to contain them. If a question here is actually included in the FAQ please let me know and I will edit the post to strikethrough the question and mention that it is in the FAQ.

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