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Really, Devs?

The Crew 7 - Really, Devs?

Hi All,

So, did anybody else notice how the platinum reward for this summit is the GT interceptor, and the hypercar race is a loaned GT interceptor? Well played, devs – give us a mere whiff of something which all but an elite few will never truly experience, also one of THREE hypercar interceptors in the game. ONE THIRD of hypercar interceptors are summit, another THIRD is behind a substantial paywall, and the one that is left is decent (thankfully, unlike the street race). Are you TRYING to screw us over, devs? Is THIS the new norm for us, and are we to expect even worse in the future? What's next – a paywall where you have to pay 25 bucks per day in order to do more than two races per day? Where does it stop?

Just read the subreddit, read your own forums, people are hating both the exclusivity of summit cars and the chase update. Having some of the best vehicles locked behind a skill wall which is keeping those who already have the rewards from getting them is limiting the ability of those who actually want the cars. Just make summit cars exclusive for a month or something, then make them available for sale, like with TC1. People didn't complain at all about that. Ignore the elite few who are complaining about losing the exclusivity – allow those who DON'T have these cars the ability to compete with those who do.


With regard to the chase, just add contracts back – seriously, that would fix a TON of what people are complaining about. People are complaining about the economics of it – well, assuming all 1500 CC ones, contracts give the player 90k CC in 60 days. As such, re-adding contracts will literally mean you don't have to worry about reworking the motor pass AT ALL. But seriously, give us SOMETHING to make the money back. The Contracts trailer is literally STILL IN THE HQ's, so just GIVE THEM BACK. Every other battle pass in every other game lets you break even plus a little bit. Hell, make the lowest contract 1000, so that over 60 days, the total is 100k, not 130k, between contracts and the motor pass.

I love this game – really, I mean it. The combination of cars, boats and planes is really fun, and it works really well for a racing game. But devs, these stunts you're pulling with summit rewards and the chase are making it VERY difficult for me to keep playing. I am extremely concerned, and I fear what you're working on next. This game had such promise, but now look at it – effectively a shadow of what it was in the first year.

Sorry for the doom and gloom, but as a fan, I want this game to be great. If that means doom and gloom in order to get the devs to DO SOMETHING GOOD, then so be it.


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