The Crew 2

So some new summits and cars are nice and all….

The Crew 3 - So some new summits and cars are nice and all....

But can we get repayable content? Is it really so difficult to put some checkpoints down and put it out as a race or time trial? I know we are getting some new "mood/themed" events, but I doubt those will be enough. This could be THE racing game, so much potential not being realized. Sorry for wall of text but this game could use improvements in numerous areas.


  • More challenges (weekly, monthly, community, etc)
  • More variation in challenges (doing events, driving for specific manufacturers, pvp, visiting locations, etc)
  • Payout for events needs to be more
  • More ways to earn CC (events, pvp, live rewards crates)
  • More events in general of various lengths (medium to long)
  • Varied events (transport summit cars, multi-discipline races, cruise with a health bar like Crew 1, transform races, team races, bike races, trucks, etc)
  • Freedrive taxi/delivery mode, make money for delivering things, have someone sit in the car like "the accident" mission if you want to go above and beyond

Open World

  • Public event system like Burnout Paradise or Destiny sort of. Circle shows up on radar/map with countdown, drive to circle and honk your horn to join event. Events can be races, collection objectives, cat and mouse, escapes, etc
  • Collectibles like special parts, vanity items, landmarks, info cards about places, etc
  • Random AI vehicles roaming around to be chased and taken out, or raced for rewards
  • Option to change map to Google Earth type view instead of all white, like the Crew 1
  • Increase Crew/party size to at least 6
  • Freedrive course editor, also in Crew 1
  • A big underground garage to see all of our vehicles, let friends come in as well. Can be multiple garages around the world (same layout and everything), just different spawnpoints

UI and Map

  • Map tab to show community made tracks/courses, which could be further improved by adding filtering options, such as most played, Ivory Tower approved, length of course, newest, etc.
  • Quick nav from Crew 1, make it the triangle button tied in with the radio and abort options
  • List view for vehicles, cycling through this list gets worse the more vehicles you have, I'm fine with just seeing the names
  • Option to turn off menu animations
  • View contracts from menu and not hq
  • Quick nav can provide fast, easy access to favourite events, vehicles, etc.
  • Option to invert all white borders to black, or even the map, stuff is too bright at night sometimes
  • Also it's been said many times, but I'll say it again. Fix the headlights so we can have night time again. Only our headlights need to work, not everyone's in the race or open world, they don't have to be dynamic


  • More categories such as asphalt, off road, air & sea, and special (drag, drift, aerobatics, etc)
  • Matchmaking like Titanfall 2, checkmark system, check off what you want to matchmake for, game puts you in the first found/full lobby
  • May just be me but multi-discipline races would be cool in pvp as well
  • Hell go nuts and do the gta thing with hot wheels halfpipes, tubes, and stuff in the air if you want


  • Roof options (soft top, convertible, sunroof, scoops, etc)
  • Headlights and taillights (covers, led, etc)
  • More interior color combinations and styles (steering wheel+seats for example)
  • Exhaust tips and grills
  • Different steering wheels and seats
  • Why can't we even change the rims on the R390? And let me remove the big Nissan decal on the windshield.


  • Handling has an initial lag or delay when you start turning. You can even tell when you are parked up and move the wheel left and right quickly. I think this game would benefit greatly from a steering sensitivity option. This handling issue is apparent across pretty much all 4 wheeled vehicles, it doesn't matter how much cars, summits, or vanity items you add, most people don't care because of the handling.
  • I see what you guys tried to do with MX, and the animations are nice, but the handling is too loose and skiddish, it needs to be much tighter to be as good as it was before the update
  • Touring bikes handle great, they are 1 of my favourite things to drive in this game now, simply because of how nice they handle and how responsive they feel

Quality of Life

  • Give me an option to skip the intro screens and just spawn on the road
  • 4th quick switch option for offroad
  • Icon point requirements should be brought down, I'm icon 300 and still don't have nearly enough to fill out the stat pages, it takes way to much
  • Lean bonus for bikes shouldn't be something people have to level up
  • Camera/seat adjustment when driving first person (like in Dirt Rally)

Also, for me personally, I would like a hardcore mode, that more so rewarded good driving, and not wall grinding and boosting out of every corner, and toned down the drafting a bit. Sorry for the long post, but this game can be more than grinding ny hypercar, barebones pvp, pictures and huge world with nothing to do in it.

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