The Crew 2

Something everyone should look at

The Crew 2 - Something everyone should look at

So i was thinking about the Crew 2, i was thinking how Ubisoft could have made better choices during the early the development of game what is mean is:

Instead of boats Ubisoft should have added Jetskis which probably would have costed less in terms of licences, which would have allowed them to still have money left over to make future updates better. Also i do believe Jetskis would have been better because with jetskis you can do flips and stunts which would have made them perfect in a big open world like TC2. I personally have no interest in the boats and i wish Ubisoft would have made the better decision.

A second thing that bugs me as well, most of the cars in the Crew 2 are American, i know the map is based of of america with big american cities like LA but the lack of other cars from different countries is a bit annoying, because of this lack of variety in car choice i just cant play this game anymore along with other separate issues leading to me stop playing.

I can sum up what is just said by saying that there are certain car brands that are absent from the game.

– Kia

– Skoda


– Suzuki (cars)

– Hyundai

– Vauxhall

– Peugeot

I could include more about why there are not many buggies and crawlers for off road and why there are not Quad bikes for offroad but hopefully they can get added later, the thing that just annoys me is that we have all the TYPICAL cars you can expect from a car game we don't have unusual everyday cars that people drive in real life we have fast modern cars, thats good but Ubisoft need to start adding everyday vehicles so we have more variety to choose from and hopefully the brands i mentioned above will be added to the game at some point.

Rim selection

More custom rims and options for rims, there has been countless times i have ended up putting stock tyres on a car when i wanted something better that wasn't in the game, the rim selection definitely needs to be improved and instead now of getting summit rewards like different coloured tyres they should start making rims that we can win for summits, which then end up being in the far and beyond shop in case you didn't get them in the summit.


Now i was so bored during the time we had to wait for PvP in 2018 and i was a bit annoyed we had to wait 6 months but it was there is networking involved in these types of work so i understood, what i was so dissapointed by wasn't only how long we had to wait but the fact that there we no PvP game modes like:

Blitz Brawl

Capture the Flag





I don't know why these weren't included but i thought they would be and was dissapointed that we waited 6 months for a very basic PvP.

Hopefully the 8 player cap can be changed as well because i find it quite limiting to how many players can play and enjoy a race at the same time.

Player movement

I think everyone has noticed this but when moving the character it feels very stiff even when running and it takes a long time even to rotate the camera to turn around. Ubisoft can you please fix this.

If you go to any of the hubs you will see other players and how they move and i can say it its very slow and stiff looking, please fix this.

Additional Summit rewards:

I don't really play the summit because of how people grind it so much which makes winning very difficult but if you included the following summit rewards instead of always tyres and vanity i do believe the summit would be much more enjoyable. You can still do tyres and vanity i dont have a problem with that at all but you should change this a bit.

– More masks for character

– Different gloves for character

– More trainers and remakes of Nike & Adidas trainers, etc

– more Hoodies

– more jacket types like: Puffer jacket , Parker jacket, Raincoat,

– Custom Emblem option for clothing

– colour option and two-tone colour option for clothing, two-tone or plain

All these items should have a colour option so you can change the colour. If you can please could you add these as well as the things above.

Purchasable homes

i definitely think you should add areas where the player can buy different homes around the map like: Apartments, Towers, Houses etc. There are many building which look the same as the the one in Miami and LA but have no option of being a home, but you could remodel them and make them different buildings to give the player more choice.

Radio songs

It is very refreshing sometimes to listen to the radio when driving but i would be even better if you added different radio stations like:

Reggae (please !!) Best Reggae artists: Garnet silk, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Sizzla,


Thank you for listening.

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