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The Crew 2: Community Feedback for Developers

The Crew 10 - The Crew 2: Community Feedback for Developers

So, it seems many players are in need to share their feelings about the game, especially after the last update. I saw a lot of frustration and I agree with most of the points made. However, I think we should make a more objective list of what we would like to have instead of what we dislike about the game right now. That way, if we coordinate our suggestions, it’s easier for developers to implement those. Well, at least, they won’t be able to say they don’t know what the community wants, right?

Right, so I’m starting the list with a few suggestions and you guys go ahead and add more in the comments below. I’m focusing on quality of life fixes and ideas that are easy enough to be implemented. I have many other ideas for this game, but I know they are not realistic for just a game update (maybe The Crew 3?) so I’m not gonna list those.

Suggestions list

Hold a button to keep spending icon points

It seems like an easy quality of life fix and I have seen so many people complaining about it. It really takes a long time to redistribute your points. So why not make it so we can at least hold the “spend 5 points” button and wait? Or maybe add a “spend all” button.

More user-friendly menu navigation

So, for instance, the back button is used to navigate the game menu but also closes the menu all the way back to gameplay if you already at the last level of the menu. If that’s the case, you will close the game menu by accident and it takes a long loading (at least on PS4) to put you back driving and then you have to open the menu again to finish what you were doing. Same thing happens with the map button, since it’s the same as pro settings buttons. What if we had an option that when enabled requires you to hold the back button in order to close the menu and go back to gameplay?

Option to hide vehicles

We can’t sell vehicles (which makes sense in this game) but there’s a point when your vehicles list is just too long. Why not add the option to, at least, hide/unhide vehicles? Filters help, but it could be better. I mean, why not be able to hide that car you don’t even like and bought only to a Summit months ago?

Quicker retry loading at Summits

When we click retry at Summits it sends us back to a choose vehicle screen and only after that it loads the race again, making it two loadings instead of one. When we click retry at a regular race, it’s way faster because there’s no loading for the choose vehicle screen. Why can’t it be the same in Summits since we use retry a lot more times?

Direct entering Summits thru the menu

When we click the Summit banner at the game menu it first takes us thru a long unnecessary loading to teleport us to the HQ. Why not just opening the Summit menu right way?

Bug and performance fixing

There are many known bugs in the game. I’m not gonna list them all, but players are frustrated because they don’t get fixed. Also, there are several performance issues on PS4 (maybe other platforms too?), including very long loadings and frame drops that weren’t in the game at start and could be fixed.


Being able to modify Liveries

Ok, so you found that Livery that is great except you would like to change it’s color or adding more shapes. Some Liveries only add designs to certain parts of the car. Maybe you like the sides, but you want to add something to the back of the car? “But what about people stealing my Liveries?”. Make it so if you click to “edit” a livery you do not own, you are not allowed to publish it. Even so, why can’t we even edit the default Liveries Ivory Tower created? I mean I’m no Livery expert and I find myself creating my own livery from nothing just because I wanted a small change in a Livery they already exists.

Better avatar customization

I mean, how hard can it be? If you don’t want to add more models to the game, just allow us to mix existing hairstyles and faces. Everyone’s avatar looks the same and this is really silly. Also I feel like Ivory Tower is losing money, they could be selling new avatar customizations and clothes if they feel like adding new models.

Collect event loot automatically

Just like in Summits. When the race finishes you auto-collect your loot. They just show up in the screen. This would make farming for parts quicker, since sometimes you can’t collect the loot fast enough to click retry. Again, it’s a very simple quality of life upgrade.

Quick way to change parts between vehicles

So if you only have one set of NC you have to unequip all parts (one by one) from last vehicle you used and then equip them again (one by one) in the vehicle you want. Could we have, at least, an “unequip parts” button that unequip all parts from one car?

Option to lock perf parts

Just a way to lock some perf parts so you don’t delete those by accident. Sometimes you are building a new set and you haven’t the parts equipped in a vehicle yet. It’s easy to accidentally scrap them. Maybe a few more slots in the stock, that would also be nice.

Turn on/off car lights by demand

You already can do this at your house, so why not while driving? I think that would be a very cool thing to have, and very easy to implement. Also, as many players already said before, the headlights could be brighter. That would also help a lot immersion.

Customize your cars license plate

This option exists in many other race games. It feels silly all cars have the same default license plate. I don’t know how easy it is to implement that, but I think it would be a great new feature, if it’s doable.

Back button at vehicle selection in Summits

Simply a back button at the vehicle selection screen in Summits. If you forgot to equip your parts you have to start the race and then be able to back to the Summit main menu.

Better Summits rewards

I’m talking about those vehicle customization parts like hoods, skirts, bumpers… it’s really lame for a Summit reward. Or, at least, include the actual car for those parts. I’ve earned parts for cars that I don’t even own.

Better Motorpass rewards

Many players feel like some levels rewards are just fillers. Like the stars and the emoticons. I mean, there are so many cooler stuff besides emoticons… like clothes for our avatar, for example.

Crew Credits and Motorpass rebalance

I think this is the most discussed topic here after the update. I understand they have to make money to keep supporting the game and adding stuff. I also understand the frustration and the points made about how the game felt incomplete at launching. However, the point I think we all agree is the amount of CC we can earn right now is just too low. It’s not even enough to buy the next Motorpass.

I may edit this to add more stuff as I remember them.

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