The Crew 2

The Crew 2 patch 1.7.0 / Summer in Hollywood July 2020

The Crew 8 - The Crew 2 patch 1.7.0 / Summer in Hollywood July 2020

The Crew® 2 Summer in Hollywood – Patch 1.7.0 Notes – July 8

Estimated patch size: 23 GB approx.


Vanity Items

  • 48 new vanity items – to be released on a weekly basis through the shop or as LIVE Summit rewards.

9 Custom Nitros

2 Horns

8 Window Tints

6 2D Emotes

6 Smokes

10 Tires

7 Underglows


  • 17 New LIVE Summits with their associated activities & rewards.

Keep track of upcoming LIVE Summits at

Main Menu

  • New main menu look, themed for Summer in Hollywood.

  • New boot menu video for Summer in Hollywood.


  • Action names & descriptions are broken when accessing Hobbies from the Summit menu.

  • Incorrect vehicle type listed when language changed to Arabic.

  • A to B Actions can be completed by using the Photo Mode timeline.

  • Number of Stars displayed in animation when first accessing the Hobbies menu, is not the same as the Total Stars Earned number.

  • Visual Parts Actions now require fewer parts, and are easier to complete.

For players who have already progressed in these Actions, they will be updated accordingly upon the acquisition of any new visual parts (incl. default parts from the acquisition of any vehicle, and parts won in events/LIVE Summits).

  • The “LIVE Battle Influencer” Action has been changed to “LIVE Battle Money”, and now requires the player to earn Bucks to progress rather than Followers to make it fairer to those at ICON 9999.

Any previously unlocked Stars from this Action will be kept, but progress will be completely reset. Tiers unlocked for a second time will still award new Stars.



  • 24 New Vehicles, including:

Shop additions

Koenigsegg One:1 (2014) – Hypercar (available July 8)

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (2020) – Street Race (available July 8)

Volkswagen Beetle (1967) – Street Race (available July 15)

Volkswagen Kombi 21 Window Bus (1966) – Street Race (available July 15)

Elite Bundle 5 (available July 15)

Porsche 935 2.0 Coupé "Baby" (1977) – Touring Car

Nissan R390 GT1 Road Version (1998) – Hypercar

Ducati draXter (2016) – Street Race Bike

  • LIVE Summit rewards

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Rift (2017) – Street Race (Summit beg. July 8) & more to be revealed on a regular basis!

  • Incorrect power gauge animation on Bugatti Veyron.

  • Maserati MC12 tachometer & speedometer needles transparent/barely visible.

  • Yellow neon underglow cannot be applied to Mazda RX 7 Drift Edition.


  • Wheelie is detected after fast fav from Motocross to Monster Truck.

  • Ground vehicles can move forwards and accelerate to 719 km/h in reverse gear.



  • Reduced Air Nitro acceleration on all disciplines by 50%, except MT & MX which have a smaller reduction of 15%.

  • Enhanced MX handling featuring new tire-model, improved suspensions and rider animations. New follow cameras have also been implemented, for a smoother feel and better track readability.

  • A water glitch can be seen in underwater tunnels while driving hovercrafts and boats.

World (Visual and Audio)


  • 7 brand-new events, to be released in PvE progressively alongside the corresponding special themed LIVE Summits.

  • Players are able to hop over walls with TC Bikes on Miami Race Track and on The Giants Chaebung Cup.

  • MT event Wreck and Havoc lists "Get -1 Points" as objective.


  • Some bridges have Off-Road physics.

  • Floating objects near Little Eagle.


  • New themed weathers available in Photo Mode.



  • Actvities tab UI overlaps with other tabs, when skipping over it in the Main Menu.

  • Black dot appears after using Photo Mode or LIVE Replay.


  • In the audio options, sliders sound changes in volume for each channel.

The Crew 2 patch notes




The Crew patch notes history

The Crew patch notes 2014 – 2017

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