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The Crew 2: Seasons (ideas for Update).

The Crew 10 - The Crew 2: Seasons (ideas for Update).

Hi, The Crew 2 reddit! I have found myself actually playing The Crew 2 after the Hot Shots update and platinuming every summit to date — and that makes me wish for some ideas and improvements for the Season 2 (if there will be a such thing). I wanted to share some with you. Sorry for my english, it can be wrong sometimes. This is not an official info, lol, just some of my wet dreams.

Introducing The Crew 2: Seasons — free update for everyone or Deluxe edition with access to the second year of vehicle drops.

  • Many of you were dissapointed with the new weather timing, so we are bringing the seasons into the game. Yes, this is copied from FH4, but it seems the only logical way to implement the changes with the signature The Crew twist. Every season will have it's own set of weather and lighting parameters: snow will only be present at winter, heavy rains will be more frequent at autumn, summer will see some showers and fog — the rest is yours to discover! In addition, each season will come with new Live Xtreme series race, including the endurance test against the mighty tornado. Skill sets will be different for an each season as well. We will also add some new set bonuses for yellow items, including more stability on snowy roads and other special stuff.
  • Barn finds are making their way from FH4 as well, but they are not limited to cars anymore! Find the abandoned airstrip with a piece of WWII tech, distant island crash spot, beached luxury yacht and much, much more! The map of The Crew 2 is so big, that it's only natural we will fill it with more discovery and adventure.
  • Landmarks are back! Moreover, you can initiate a custom race from your current position to any of the discovered landmarks across the USA. Landmarks are not marked on the map, so it's up to you to find them all. New set bonuses will raise the distance for landmarks to appear on your mini-map.
  • Changed the recalibration system. Now you will require more spare parts and less money, so start wasting everything you have stockpiled from the Summit rewards.
  • In-game achievements are back. Complete the set of achievements and earn exclusive vanity rewards, including new variants of Tire Smoke, Licence Plates, Window Tint and Tires.
  • Planes reworked! We have removed Air Race and Aerobatics options from the game, now your plane behavior will be a result of the new plane parts and set bonuses. Tune your plane to be an expert vehicle in one discipline or to be a Jack of all trades. We will continue to rework our vehicle classes in a further updates.
  • Tuned the race rewards. Finishing the long endurance race on Ace difficulty will no longer result in receiving the blue parts.
  • Added ATV's and Rally Raid trucks to the game. Enjoy some more action.
  • Added a special discipline: Endurance races. Race across America in different vehicles. Control your fuel level and don't forget to visit the gas stations!
  • Added some very special vehicles and removed some end-game cars from the dealer. You will need to find a special NPC in the world and race them to win a chance to buy the vehicle off their hands.
  • Purchase the all-new player housing and properties to earn some income while you're away.
  • Complete vehicle collections to earn some Crew Credits and vanity items.
  • Started the preparations to add Mexico and Canada into the game.
  • Map has been reworked to add more playgrounds and details.
  • Headlights are finally working again!
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