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The Crew 2 Unofficial Achievements

The Crew 8 - The Crew 2 Unofficial Achievements

I thought I'd make up some challenges that could be fun to attempt, especially if you feel like you don't have a lot to do in game. Some of them will have different "levels" to complete achievements at, with levels denoted by slashes . I have not verified that every level is possible (so don't get frustrated if one isn't), but they are all certainly possible at least at "normal."

If you have any "achievements" of your own to suggest, please leave them in the comments as I would love to try them.

Thread the needle: Get two simultaneous near misses at over 250/280/350 miles per hour in a ground vehicle

Just the tip: Fly a plane with your tail fin dipped into the water for 3/5/10 seconds and don't crash.

Fish out of water: Do a jump with a ground vehicle, then switch to a boat using fast-fav and back to a ground vehicle 2/3/5 times before landing as a ground vehicle. (Do not switch to a plane)

George of the Jungle: Use a plane to get a touch and go off of a tree. / excluding redwoods / while getting 2 close calls (the tree you're touching and another you're close to).

*Bonus: Use a bike to hit a tree with your wheels mid-air and then land safely on the ground / without using a ramp / in first person / in a dense forest / during an event.

Urban Legend: Get 3 touch and goes off of different buildings in 60/30/10 seconds without crashing.

Cha Cha Real Smooth: Get a multiplier of 40/75/125 in a drift event.

Famous Artist: Make a livery that gets 5/25/100 downloads.

H-index: Make at least 5/10/20 liveries that get at least 5/10/20 downloads each.


Navigator: Drive coast to coast without any HUD, minimap, GPS, or looking at the map / Starting in New York and finishing in Seattle / and visiting Amarillo in the middle.

*Bonus: Pilot a boat from Lady Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge / without using HUD, minimap, GPS, or the main map, / in under 40 minutes

Ground beef: Get a motorcycle on top of the Big Cow / without using the helicopter, / doing a double backflip before landing on the cow.

Whale: Buy a boat or boat accessory with CC

Bumblebee: In a tunnel, use the fast fav to swap from an old yellow Camaro with black stripes to a new yellow Camaro with black stripes, recreating

Bully: Push an NPC car into the ocean / off a bridge / and the car is a bus full of people.

Found a spot: Park a monster truck on top of vehicles, without touching anything but those vehicles / the vehicles must be NPCs.

Hidden Gem: Complete a lap at 2/3/4 race tracks that don't have events that take place on them (skills are fine).

Make a splash: Use fast fav to drop a boat from the flight ceiling into the grand canyon and land in water / without hitting any rocks / and trigger the colorado river escape within 10 seconds of landing.

Again, if you have any other achievement suggestions please post them below. Also, if you recorded yourself accomplishing one of these and want to post it below you could do that as well.

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