The Crew 2

The Potential for improvement is huge – TC2

The Crew 6 - The Potential for improvement is huge - TC2

I have been playing The Crew 2 for over six months almost and have enjoyed it a lot.Mainly things like:

  • Advanced handling tuning for the cars to suit to our liking
  • The amazing visual customizations for the cars and boats plus the livery creator option
  • The huge map and how detailed it is
  • The car engine sounds and how they change based on the drivers seating position or location
  • Photo mode that is so detailed we can make proper short films without anything else needed
  • PVP Battles
  • Summits are another very important factor that keep me coming back to this game and is well executed with rewards and a sense of competition
  • and last but not the least FREE UPDATES even after two years, no DLC nonsense or paid upgrades etc which I'm sure many love about it.

And then a few more things that I maybe missing out at the moment. And coming from someone who has played NFS as well as Forza Horizon games I have a little bit of idea on what makes Car / Racing games good.


But apart from all the good that there is, considering the wide canvas that this game is for developers to experiment and play around and add much more exciting things, I feel a lot more can be done to the game and should be. I am talking about utilizing the big map for more fun things, using the existing crew system to make it more engaging and battle intensive. And I am sure some of you may have posted the following ideas for the game but here are a few I have:

  • Crew VS Crew battle system where crews can join a room and invite other crews and race and get rewards
  • Race creator is a must as it lessens the burden on the developers to add new tracks and enables the players to create and publish tracks of their own and considering the wide variety of disciplines available in the game there is a huge scope for it.
  • Live Extreme style races in PVP where we switch from one discipline to another, that would be a game changer as it would mean being proficient in two or more different disciplines to win the race and give racers a diversity in races.

The above points can be elaborated further to make it more exciting and engaging but didnt mention them to keep the post from being too long. Feel free to add any other ideas that you may have or elaborate on the ones I have mentioned.

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