The Crew 2

This game had never any QoL content

The Crew 5 - This game had never any QoL content

This game is so extremly tedious. I spent over 200 hours in the game and i found so many stuff that feels like its intented to be so tedious. Here's the list why:-Annoying loading screens; Imagine you have to look every time at an intro of "made by intentionally annoying content creators". Then just to press again to load the start to then again click onto load into the news. I love sitting through the ingame loading screen like 4 times until you can play. Why not just add a skip button or remove the home screen entirely? The ESC menu of the game has already everything there is in the home screen. Or do the people like to tab in the game while loading every 20 seconds?

-Changing parts takes literally years. There could be custom save slots where you can instantly change in between but no that would be too fast and comfortable.

-Live rewards are completly useless giving only 1-3 parts mostly and takes years to find. I drove around with double live rewards and i couldn't find any while driving around 10 minutes. Worth it.

How about you want to a part set like double points that dramatically increase points in summit? Have fun grinding for 5 hours with the power boat on the shortest most rewarding per hour rewards and end up having 5 million bucks. Couldn't there be just a crafting system where you combine parts to make the ones you want? I ended up having 1.5 million bolts/parts just because of the unnecessary grind


-Want to find a specific car? Go through all your cars or use the slow filtering system

-No autoscrap of useless items. Allready on full but still get blue and in the inventory. Have fun spending several minutes scrapping with a slow scrapping system to remove it.

-Part limit; why is this in the game? There isn't even any premium feature where you have more inventory space but nope there's a limit.

-slow teleportation; Want to go into the HQ? Have fun slowly opening the map, slowly zooming out to teleport. Same with opening the ESC menu. You have to to close map to open it. No instant transmission.

-Any chase you have to wait for the start

-Why is there count down at a race where the camera pans around your car while you could do like a perfect start like in mariocart or like in NFS where you can rev up like in drag. Or would be Drag race completely abundant?

I haven't seen a game with such major inconvenience. I swear i spent 10h of my <200h more because of these inconvenience.

Good job adding none QoL and fucking up the chase into some boring annoying mode that broke the entire hype where it could be a good police chase game like in need for speed.

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