The Crew 2

This game is still broken.

The Crew 5 - This game is still broken.

Let me preface with this. The Summit was a great addition to this game. This game has been lacking proper end game for nearly a year and now we finally have it! Kudos to Ivory Tower for that! I do whoheartedly think that they are listening to the community at this point in time. It didn't feel like it during Gator Rush or Kings of Mayhem. However as much as I will give Ivory a high five for adding some proper end game (better late than never), they still got a lot of work to do. In fact, I'd argue that at times this game is just unplayable.

  1. PVP.

PVP (atleast on PC) is still broken. Why is there a 50/50 gamble every time that I launch PVP that I will actually find a lobby? The other 50% of the time I'm just booted back to the PVP signup tent. The odds are less in my favour when playing with a crew of people. Where it's more like a 25/75 percent chance the whole crew will be placed into the lobby. The other 75% of the time, either someone is booted before the event begins or it just plain kicks us all out. There should be no excuse as to why it's easier for me to find a PVP lobby easier and quicker in The Crew 1 than it is in The Crew 2. Maybe this isn't an issue on console but it is a HUGE issue atleast on PC.

  1. The Summit.

Like I said earlier, the summit is a great form of end-game. However the same Issue from above still persists here in The Summit when ranking with a crew of people. Only here there is a 50/50 chance that we will all get placed into the lobby. Sometimes the crew leader will receive an infident loading screen, forcing them to ALT+F4 before the game lets everyone else proceed. Sometimes after an event the game UI will disappear and will soft-lock everyone. Forcing everyone to ALT+F4 and Restart. How can a game called "The Crew 2" get crews messed up? A sequel to a five year old game that itself is already nearly a year old should NOT be harboring these types of issues. Especially when trying to play in a crew. You know?

  1. Inconsistant Roads and cities.

I'll be blunt. The roads look worse than they did in The Crew 1. Also, a lot of interchanges and intersections are just plain broken. Some highway on-ramps are two lane roads where AI cars just get stuck when it ends at the opposite end of the highway. Some interchanges only have exits for some roads while only having entrances on the otherside. Some roads just end like they were modded incorrectly onto an already existing road network, etc. Meanwhile in cities like Chicago and San Fransisco, major intersections have no traffic lights and AI tend to drive in the wrong lanes. Let's not even get started on the lack of landmarks from The Crew 1.

  1. Conclusion.

This leads me to my main point and conclusion. This game needs an update dedicated to just fixing the issues above and more. Think of it as an "Operation Health" type of update. I believe now is the perfect time to start discussing the next update for The Crew 2 and to be truthfully honest, the game needs a lot of fixes and patches before multiplayer is actually playable. Let a lone enjoyable. I think before Ivory updates this game any further with new content or disciplines, cops, a race editor, etc. They need to work on foundational aspects of this game that make this game straight up unplayable at times. There should be no reason as to why my friends and I have to reboot our games 4 times in an hour play session just to do all the summit events together. As great as the summit is, this game is still broken at the foundational level and needs a lot of work. Work that I feel should be done in a dedicated update.

Down below I will show some clips from today's stream where I run into some of the issues I had stated earlier. Here I rant a bit about the state of the game after the game freezes after a race. Here the game soft-locks after a race, again forcing me to ALT+F4. I gave up after this point.

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