The Crew 2

Thoughts on the update after trying it for a few hours

The Crew 4 - Thoughts on the update after trying it for a few hours

I honestly have to say that this is the best update so far. The other two (Gator Rush and Demolition Derby) both only managed to entertain me for a few hours with their features, but this one is different. Summit feels really good, you can easily get a relatively ok rank by playing every event in there once. And if you want to be platinum, you can play the events you weren’t so good at multiple times.I didn’t think of that as a boring grind, it was actually fun to try to get better and better (and you can get quite a lot of followers and bucks in the meantime as well just as rewards for completing the events). “Easy to enter, hard to master” is the motto, right? I also think that having to stay in the top 3k to get the platinum rewards is really thrilling. You can check your current position on the crew hub online and be like: Oh well, time to improve my time in that air race and get a few extra points or I’ll slip out of the platinum ranks and miss those rewards! I’m maybe a bit worried about the fact that you have to buy specific vehicles to enter some of the events. Would you really want to spend a few hundred thousand bucks on vehicles you’ll never really need again just to get the chance to win some summit prizes? Everyone has to decide on their own. Navigation ribbon still has a few bugs (sometimes appears a bit late, disappears for a few seconds when entering a new road etc) but overall it works quite well, it’s great to be able to focus on the street and enjoy the driving instead of having to look at the minimap all the time! Increased weather variability is really awesome too, today was literally the first time since the beta I encountered snow and rain in freeroam, and the mix and duration of the different weather conditions felt natural and good as well. Touching a wall while driving doesn’t slow you down as much anymore which makes the driving experience smoother overall if you brake too late sometimes (hopefully it doesn’t allow wallridng again). Decals on windows are finally in the game, but their implementation is still a bit weird. Maybe create individual window sections (front window, rear window, etc) instead of merging them with the existing car surface categories). I honestly don’t really need the new tyres and smoke effects, but there are a few realistic options as well and you can get them for free as a summit reward sometimes which is neat, I guess. The new beta handling cars are a major improvement. Steering feels less laggy and more direct, there’s more grip and the car is more controllable. Overall it feels better, more fun and more realistic to drive these beta handling cars. The only weird thing is that you have to pay the full car price to test these cars. I mean, Ivory Tower would want as many players as possible to try these out and give feedback, giving them to players for free would have been really awesome and maybe attracted a few returning players.


In total: Nice update with good changes that will keep me playing even longer and spice up my gaming experience instead of getting forgotten rather quickly like the last updates. Navigation line and SUMMIT were some great community requested features, now just work out the nighttime and lighting issues, implement the beta handling into every car and finally unlock those inaccessible houses that have been functional but closed off since launch! But this is surely a great step in the right direction!

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