The Crew 2

Very simple improvements which would greatly improve the game.

The Crew 10 - Very simple improvements which would greatly improve the game.

First of all, I absolutely adore this game, and it is probably the only reason I still use my console. I have compiled a list of easy to patch/ improve areas which would be the icing on top of the cake for me. If you agree/ disagree please let me know. I believe all of my ideas are reasonable and feasible.

1) Better icon points rearranging. Simply being able to use them all at once without having to press x 300 times. Just holding x would do the trick.

2) Icon points in all levels after Icon 600. It gets frustrating and demotivating.

3) Multiplier for followers in freeroam and longer follower chains for things such as jump, speed and oncoming speed. That way freeroam can be useful to grind.

4) Follower bar during events, just like in freeroam. At least the NY race and hypercar events, this way we can get some extra followers.

5) If you have over 100%-150% lucky with a car it is impossible to get a blue piece in an epic difficulty event. I think this is fair as to obtain all these lucy points you must have a big compromise in your affixes.

6) Apply Fame Magnet and other multiplier perks at the end of the calculations. By this, I mean that if you have a car with 50% popular and fame magnet when you finish the NY race instead of getting 42*2+42*0,5=105 k followers you should obtain (42*1,5)*2=126 k followers. The fame magnet set is supposed to multiply times two your followers, not act like an additional 100% popular bonus.

7) Affixes rearranging. I believe this system is broken (because of the price) as it is right now but have several possible alternatives:

-A) Leave it as it is and introduce a 2x cash set, just as the fame magnet. This way we can farm for money easily and I believe the problem would be partly solved.

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-B)Leave everything as it is except for the fact that the affix you already have can only improve (how much it improves is still random)

8) Merging legendary parts and choosing two out of the four affixes and the set bonus for a large spare part price (10-20k). I believe this is also a good way to "fix" the recalibration problem and moreover, it would not be pay to win as the legendary parts would be required.

9) A way of getting legendary parts whilst repeating summit events. By this, I mean being able to modify the difficulty or just reward loot as a function of your time, not the difficulty of the event.

10) Being able to choose between followers and cash for the summit reward.

Not so easy fixes

10) Longer races, especially in Street car, touring car and rally raid. Just like the faction missions in TC1 but without the faction system. I'm just interested in the races.

11) A car to rival the Huracan in Street Car. I am thinking McLaren 570s-600LT, 911 Turbo s, Noble M600. The Huracan is OP as it is right now and I don't think nerfing it would be a good solution. Also, a buff to the F12 would be a good idea.

12) Cars: I think there are four cars that this game needs to just make it perfect:

Porsche Carrera GT

Ferrari Enzo

McLaren Senna/720 S

Koenigsegg Jesko- to rival the Buggattis

And that's all folks!!!

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