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Lately I've been thinking of some cool features that would "improve" the game. 1) We could be able to put special tires in ALL vehicles (including bikes) and we should be able to choose the type of tire we want in any vehicle (tire types: normal, offroad, drag, slick, etc.). 2) We could have 12-player lobbies so that we could have more fun. 3) Not actually a feature but a vehicle suggestion. We could have jetskiis, sailing boats and yachts in a summer update. With that update we could also get some cars like quads, classic cars like lowriders and we could finally tune the suspension and put neon kits. In this update we could finally be able to customize our boats in different ways like interior, special livreys, glass color, pavement material and color, cabin customization, etc.. And we could also walk on our boats or go on the down part and we could sleep if we want so that the game puts us in another lobby where it's day. In this update other players could also join our boat and walk in it. 4) We could have easiest ways to get CC because it's very difficult now. The daily challenges are easy but they give you very few CC. The could change them like this (easy = 1500 ≠ 2000, medium = 2500 ≠ 3000, hard = 5000 ≠ 6000). They could also remove all the type of daily challenges that include PVP. Many players both on XBOX1 and PS4 require PS+ or XBOX-LIVE, which most players don't buy anymore. That's a big problems because many times we have this challenge and it's very annoying. 5) Like in The Crew 1 they could put some animations in pics or in general. When you're in a bike you could do animations like Alex did in TC1. In pics we could do animations inside the car/plane/boat because I always remove the player from pics as they get horrible. 6) In the OPTIONS in the MENU we could have the option to remove the damage on our car. Many times I wanna see my car normally and can't because I accidentally hit a stupid NPC. I always need to wait for some time inside in first person till the damage goes away. 7) Police. What's the point of having the stupid, useless and annoying NPCs we don't have police? The NPCs are just annoying now but could be turned in something amazing in another update. In this update we could also have a new discipline for SPECIAL CARS and get police cars. In this mode some people are police and other normals. The police needs to catch them all so that the game ends or that the normals go to a place like a cave so that the game ends.


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