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Yet Another Post Regarding The Chase, Summits

The Crew 1 - Yet Another Post Regarding The Chase, Summits

Hi all,

I have been playing this game since alpha, and I even bought the Motor edition on PC (with the physical merch and everything, on my display shelf behind me as I type this). Much like a fair number of you, I had very high hopes for this game, hoping it would be essentially TC1 but with boats and planes. I was very much looking forward to this, but now, I am at a loss for words to describe exactly how disappointed I am in this game.

This will be half a light rant, half potential solutions (after each point, I will propose a couple solutions).


Let's start at the top with an issue which has been somewhat of a volatile talking point over the past year or so – summit exclusive reward cars. Crucify me if you want, but I am going to speak my mind here – Summit exclusive reward cars are a stupid concept, reinforcing the current bit of "the rich get richer" attitude going on right now. I have looked through the leaderboards of the last several summits, and I have consistently noticed that the summit exclusive cars are consistently near the top, and I have even seen some not-quite-full summit reward cars in the top 1000, beating out several other cars which are at full spec. Granted, there may not be that much difference and skill likely has something to do with it, but 99% of the time, by the time you have the skill, you are in a fully equipped vehicle.

I find it extremely frustrating that these cars are just being earned by a ton of the same people time after time (getting money in its place and locking out people who don't have it), and the ability of them compared to their counterparts ensures that they STAY on top. From what I understand, though, on consoles and PC, the platinum tier is saturated, basically meaning that the same people are now having to fight among themselves to get the spots. Not to mention the "Collectors", who are just trying to buy every car in the game. I would consider myself somewhat in this camp, and I find it a total slap in the face that some of the best vehicles in the game are locked behind an incredibly tight skill window.

Cheaters also don't help matters here, but that isn't exactly a volatile talking point, hence why that is all I am saying on them.

POTENTIAL SOLUTION 1: Keep the current system, but after some time (example: 4 weeks), it is added to a new tab of that bundle shop titled "Summit Rewards", where you can buy them with in-game currency (bucks is optional, as having the AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE is my point). Make them priced in a decent range, not super-cheap, not super-expensive. As such, in the collection tab and the headquarters, instead of saying "Summit Exclusive", change it to "Summit Reward" and add subtext that lets you know that they are available through summits for free as a platinum reward as an alternative to buying it normally.

POTENTIAL SOLUTION 2: Completely remove the vehicle rewards from the summit, instead providing sizeable /CC/buck/Motorpass token rewards. At the same time, introduce a token system, where you can earn tokens which can be used to purchase vehicles from the store. Making sure to have ALL TIERS eventually earn enough to purchase a vehicle. My example for pricing is below:

Vehicle Price: 12 tokens

Platinum Reward: 12 tokens (1x required for vehicle)

Gold Reward: 6 tokens (2x required for vehicle)

Silver reward: 4 tokens (3x required for vehicle)

Bronze Reward: 2 tokens (6x required for vehicle)

This solution allows all players to eventually get these vehicles, with the better players getting them faster than the worse players. As such,



The next major issue is with the Motorpass. This is much less controversial, it seems. As such, I don't really need to describe the issues to you, but I will summarize regardless, for those unaware.

Throughout the Motorpass, you only make about 40k back. In basically every other "battle pass" system, the money is made back in full, allowing you to profit slightly. In addition, unless you have a ton of cash on hand, you can't even do the events. The only two cars you can BUY that work for the events are more than 800K bucks for Street Race and well over 1 million bucks for the hypercar. Other than that, every other car is a reward from the Motorpass. Not to mention that there will be another hypercar coming next week, the Ford GT. However, this is a SUMMIT REWARD (See Issue 1), meaning that outside of a special few, there are essentially only two hypercars, one of which is locked behind the Motorpass.

At the same time, Ivory Tower removed the Contracts. The only method to gain quick, easy bucks every day is gone. As such, the ONLY way to get bucks is by paying real money (outside of winning a specific car platinum reward twice in a row in the summit, but that is neither here nor there). I think everybody can agree that removing contracts was quite possibly the stupidest move ivory Tower could have done with respect to the game economy.

Regardless of the solution, I think contracts MUST be brought back ASAP – without it, they are going to hemorrhage players faster than they already are.

POTENTIAL SOLUTION 1: Probably going to catch some flak here, but just delete it. I see no reason to lock such content behind such a stupid system, especially the sheer AMOUNT of vehicles locked behind it when compared to purchasable vehicles.

POTENTIAL SOLUTION 2: Keep the Battlepass. However, adjust the rewards so that the rewards total 90k, possibly even 100k (let's be real – is Ivory Tower even going to let you turn a profit with how greedy they are?). Also, make a significant chunk of the reward on the LAST level, thus requiring completion of the WHOLE THING to make your money back.

As an addendum to this: DON'T PUT THE MAJORITY OF VEHICLES NEEDED FOR THE BRAND NEW EVENT BEHIND THE PAYWALL. Having, say, 1 hypercar and 2 street racers behind it is okay, but give us OPTIONS on what to use to level it up. Also, the vehicles should be FREE regardless of whether the Motorpass has been purchased or not. Make all the other rewards locked, as well as the bucks. Judging by what they have released for cosmetics and emotes and such, it seems that they are worth WAY more than 80k.


I think I am stating the obvious again, but HOLY S***, the physics need fixing. They are terrible, and I know for a fact that I am not alone, judging by the subreddit.

POTENTIAL SOLUTION: There is no alternative solution: fix the physics – revert to the old physics if you have to, but just work it out and fix it.

If I get crucified, I fully understand why – I may not be the best, but I just want to be able to ENJOY this game again, as would likely a lot of people, it must be said.

With that being said, thanks for letting me rant a little bit. I needed to get that off my chest.



Sorry for the long post. I don't think a TLDR will be possible, given how much I have talked about.

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